Guest post by Davo Adams, Guys Coordinator, Student Ministry

Gather 135 students, add in teaching by former Division-I and NFL athlete Jason Cook, and worship led by Shane & Shane…and you have Youth Encounter Weekend. We had a blast with the students, watching God bring a lot of transformation in the time that we spent together. It was truly a blessing getting challenged from Scripture and entering into times of worship exalting God for what He has done on our behalf in Christ.

Jason spent his time in the Word teaching us about Jesus’ “I Am” statements and how those connect to the Lord and Israel in the Old Testament.  It was a great time for the students to reflect on the role Jesus plays in their life and understanding the significance of his coming. In particular, Jason spent one session talking about what we “feast” on.He discussed the idea that we seek satisfaction and meaning from so many other things outside of Christ, and part of the journey to Christian maturity is choosing to find satisfaction and significance in Jesus and nowhere else.

We had 35 people who volunteered to lead small groups for the weekend and got to see them really make an impact on the students, leading times of discussion, praying with them and just developing God-honoring relationships. We were all immensely blessed by the weekend and the Lord did some incredible things. During a time of response Saturday night, more than 20 students came to talk and pray through challenging issues, some of whom surrendered their lives to Christ!  The Lord truly did some amazing things, and we are thankful to be a part of what He is doing in the lives of the students and families in this church.

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