Life Along The Way: Walking a Year with Jesus
52 Sundays. 3 Pastors. 1 Message.

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Gospel Parallels have been around for many years. We have used them before at Christ Church for sermon planning, and many of our Sunday school classes and small groups have worked through variations of a chronological study or two. During our churchwide Life Along The Way study, we will take a 365-day and 360-degree journey with Jesus using the Scriptures from the four Gospels and the first chapter of Acts. Here is what we hope to discover together:

1.  To learn the true story of Jesus in the Gospels as they unfolded chronologically.

2.  To learn from Jesus’ teachings the complete message of the Good News, not just parts we like to ‘pick and choose.’ We will read ALL of the story.

3.  To immerse ourselves into the community of the Disciples and Jesus’ followers as real human beings in a real world context, filled with all the emotions and temptations any human being faces.

4.  To watch and agree as to how Jesus’ teachings fit into our modern-day journey including with issues that were not mentioned in the Gospels, but clearly referenced within the moral code and values of Jesus’ teachings.

5.  To simply spend time (a year, in fact) with Jesus the Carpenter from Nazareth who was also the Son of the Living God.

As so many have said before, “The more time we spend with Him, the more we will know and love Him… the more we know and love Him… the more we will want to live like Him.”

We pray this journey will be nothing short of life transforming. We believe walking along The Way with Jesus is that powerful and important.

Follow along with the weekly Scriptures in your own quiet time. Each week, the daily Scripture readings will be printed in the bulletin and posted at Way. The readings for week one are below.

Week One Daily Scripture Readings:

  • Day 1: Monday, Nov. 27 | Luke 1:1-4; John 1:1-18
  • Day 2: Tuesday, Nov. 28 | Luke 1:5-25
  • Day 3: Wednesday, Nov. 29 | John 1:26-38
  • Day 4: Thursday, Nov. 30 | Luke 1:39-56
  • Day 5: Friday, Dec. 1 | Luke 1:57-80
  • Day 6: Saturday, Dec. 2 | Matthew 1:1-17; Luke 3:23-28
  • Day 7: Sunday, Dec. 3 | Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-7
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