Guest post by Laura Greenwell, First Impressions/Hospitality Director

Think of recent guest experience you had either in restaurant or maybe retail store. What was your best experience… or maybe your worst?  

I can tell you my best. Last Thursday on my way home from work, my low tire indicator came on. It was 5 p.m. and raining. Was my tire going flat immediately, or was this just a sensor? I stopped to look, kicked them (like I knew what I was doing), but I didn’t have correct change for the air machine so I kept driving. By now it is 5:30, and I have to be somewhere soon. I decide to stop by Discount Tire where I’ve done business before.

Noting that they close at 6, I go in to explain my problem. The employee didn’t roll his eyes or look disappointed I came in so close to closing time. He told me to pull it in so he could take a look. I was still in my car when he told me that I had run over something and showed me the air bubbling out of a small hole in my tire. He promised to fix it ASAP and invited me to go inside. As I took a seat in their clean showroom, I noticed it was stocked with a cooler with complimentary water, a Keurig coffee machine and magazines. Well done Discount Tire! Soon he pulled my car around, and when I asked for my charges, he said, “Oh, there is no charge.” Are you sure, I asked? “No ma’am, that is a free service.” I did tip him for his great customer service, and you better believe when I need new tires or know anyone who needs tire repair, I will highly recommend them. It was a great guest experience.

How does this relate to our guests who come to church? 

First, we should be expecting them. Guests are different from “visitors” who show up unannounced at your house or office. A guest is someone we are expecting and have spruced up the place for, lit a candle or Windexed the front door. Studies show that when a guest comes to church for the first time, they decide within the first EIGHT minutes if they will come back. We must be ready to welcome them and make their experience one to not only remember but also share with their friends and families.

Are you blessed with the gift of hospitality? Love to be outside and direct traffic/help with parking? Can you hold a door and welcome members and guests? We would love to have you on our First Impressions Team. Your smile matters! (In fact, to sign up to help with Easter services, click here.)

On Sunday, May 5 we will host a luncheon to recognize our current team and also add to this team. With the start of baseball season, our theme is Step Up to the Plate: Winning the Guest Experience Game at Christ Church. We will learn from one of the leading experts in the field of guest experience/hospitality as Bob Adams from Auxano will be here to share with us. THIS WILL BE A MEMORABLE DAY, so please join us! We promise to respect your time and get you in and out in an hour and a half, so meet us at 12:15 p.m. in Seabook Hall.

I would love to hear from you! Please let me know if you will be there.

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