One senior who recently received housing through Wesley Senior Ministries came into her new home with nothing but this:


Our images of people who are homeless don’t often include the elderly, but it is actually a worsening problem as homelessness among senior citizens is projected to increase by 33% by 2020, and to double by 2050 (Source: Homeless Research Institute). The two major causes of homelessness among seniors are 1) loss of income, rising cost of living, and 2) more seniors are living longer. Some areas of the country actually show an increase of more than 60% over just ten years ago.

Through 2ndMILE: Advent, we are focusing our attention on the current need in our world for the things that Jesus’s family needed so desperately when he was born: food, water, and housing.

Wesley Senior Ministries

Ms. Mary Brand sitting on her new loveseat purchased for her by donations made to Wesley Senior Ministries. Through tears, she said she had hoped for some towels and some used furniture but never imagined she would have everything she needed to get started again.

We have a goal at Christ Church of donating $35,000 for Wesley Senior Ministries. This will ensure that seniors coming to Wesley have much more than what is pictured above. If we meet our goal, we will provide all the needed home furnishings for seven seniors.

Through our donations, more stories like these can be celebrated and shared:

  • Mr. John Britt’s home health nurse contacted Wesley Senior Ministries when he was in the hospital with breathing difficulties. He lived in a house trailer for 15+ years which belonged to an uncle. The trailer had holes in the floor and the household furnishings were in terrible condition. His health care providers felt that he should not return to his present living conditions, so he moved into Wesley housing and has been so appreciative for what has been provided for him. His breathing condition has improved and he is a happy, grateful resident. 
  • Ms. Betty Downing had lived for several years with family in less than desirable living conditions. A couple years ago she moved in with her daughter and son-in-law, who is a pastor. When her son-in-law was transferred to another church with a parsonage, Ms. Downing was not going to be able to make that move so she came to Wesley. She had no furnishings at all, so she was thrilled when she walked around looking at everything. She cried and kept saying, “I just can’t believe this.”
  • Ms. Allday, who asks to be called Eydie, came to Wesley from Louisiana. She was living with family there and for reasons beyond her control, could no longer stay. In her search for new housing, she talked to one of her long time best friends who just happened to live at Wesley Highland Meadows. Eydie had never lived in Tennessee and had never seen the Wesley property but her friend loved living here so much, she decided to check it out. Eydie liked every aspect of Highland Meadows, especially how friendly and welcoming everyone was to her. It didn’t take her long to decide she wanted to make Wesley Highland Meadows her new home. She still had one problem: She had only her clothes and a few personal items to bring with her. She had no furniture, dishes, or cookware of her own and no extra money to purchase any. When she told the folks at Wesley this, they told her not to worry. Soon after she moved in, through donations she started getting everything she needed. She received a bed to sleep in, a table to eat at, a sofa the relax on, everything needed for the bathroom, kitchen, and food. Eydie was speechless. Never had she expected to be given so much from folks she had never met, she said.

2ndMile AdventParticipate in Christ Church’s goal to help provide housing so that seven more of these stories can come true.

Find more information about how to donate towards this goal for housing–as well as the goals for food and water for African villages–at:

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