The current 2nd Mile: Binghampton campaign in support of our affiliated ministries Cornerstone Prep, The Carpenter Art Garden & Binghampton Development Corporation, and SOS is only the newest way that Christ Church is helping to change the world as we love Jesus and love like Jesus in the world.

Just this past fall, Christ Church far exceeded our ambitious goal of digging 25 wells for villages in eastern Zambia. Without these wells providing readily accessible, clean water, these villagers are forced to resort to walking miles a day to gather buckets of filthy, unhealthy water that does them more harm than good.

Water is Life has been tremendously successful, and Bob Whitsitt, who has led the campaign, will soon be returning to Zambia for the first time since it started to report back on the progress.

Bob provides this update:

“As of this writing, 14 of 33 clean water wells given by Christ Church are in the ground in Zambia, 9 more villages have completed advance training to utilize and maintain their wells, and 10 more wells are being dug.

A new bore bole for a Water is Life well. It is being  flushed out to get clean water flowing.

A new bore bole for a Water is Life well being flushed out to get clean water flowing for the village.

Once a village has been chosen by their Chief to receive a well, they must commit to creating a Water Committee and successfully complete training in pump maintenance and village hygiene. To ensure ownership of their own well, each village must also raise the equivalent of $300, which will go toward replacement parts should their well need them.

God has richly blessed our partnership with Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Zambia (PWCZ), and our friend Alex Mbewe has been planting churches in both Chief Mnukwa and Chief Mfuta’s chiefdoms leveraging the power of The Jesus Film Project and the relationships that have been formed as a result of Water is Life.

In a recent development, PWCZ has been asked to join a partnership to place a much-needed medical clinic in Eastern Province. The request comes directly from Chiefs Mnukwa and Mishoro, who will be providing land, bricks, stone and sand for the construction. This clinic will fulfill multiple purposes as a clinic, chapel and potentially even as a school. Our Christ Church team, who will be traveling there in July, has been asked to participate in the flagging off of this new facility.

The overall purpose of our trip is to continue to build on existing relationships with PWCZ, Chiefs, Headmen and representatives of the Zambian Government. We will visit villages still needing clean water, observe the boring of a new well, and celebrate with villages who are now enjoying the benefits of clean, safe water due to Water is Life.

Thank you Christ Church, for partnering with PWCZ and for joining God as he builds his kingdom in Zambia!”

To learn more about Water is Life, click here.

Zambian Well from Water is Life

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