Mental health is–more often than not–swept under the rug in our society.

This should not be so, and especially in the church–where we all have to acknowledge our own brokenness and trust in God for healing and restoration.

Through 2ndMILE: Advent‘s support of the Mosaic ministry and its new Mental Health First Aid Training, Christ Church has a special chance to wake up to the need of mental health wellness in our community:



  • 1 in 10 youth will suffer an episode of major depression in 2015
  • In Shelby County that’s 7,700 youth and of those 2/3 – or 5,000 will NOT receive treatment



  • 2 in 10 adults, or 137,000, will have an episode of a diagnosable mental illness
  • Of those nearly 60%, or 80,000, will NOT receive treatment
  • 3 in 100 adults, or 23,000, will have serious thoughts of suicide in 2015.
  • Nearly 2 in 10 adults, or 133,000, will suffer some form of anxiety in 2015.


Why Mental Health First Aid?

As you see from these stats, many of us are likely to be in the presence of someone who is suffering from a mental health disorder or a mental health crisis.

Mental Health First Aid does not make psychologists out of people much like CPR doesn’t make cardiologists out of lay people. Mental Health First Aid does prepare one to be a positive and helpful presence for someone until a higher level of care can take over.

In addition to information about depression and anxiety, the most common forms of mental illness, Mental Health First Aid teaches participants about the general signs and symptoms of other mental health illnesses and mental health crisis’ including eating disorders, suicide, bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder.

Mental Health First Aid helps participants come to understand mental illness as being both acute and short- term, like the flu, or chronic and life-long, like diabetes.   They come to see mental illness as a treatable disorder with which people live successfully every day.


Mosaic Mental Health First Aid Training Donations Goal: $12,000

We are pleased to support through 2ndMILE: Advent Mosaic’s plan to provide certified trainers who can train others in our church and community-at-large to provide this sort of Mental Health First Aid.

This is a groundbreaking program to educate the public in identifying, understanding and responding to signs of mental health issues and substance abuse in adults and/or youth.

100 percent of your contributions will go towards providing certified trainers who can, in turn, train others in our church and community at-large.

The cost for each of these trainers is $6,000.

You can give now or during the upcoming Christmas Eve services.

Go to for more information about the Mosaic Counseling and Wellness Network.

Go to for more information about 2ndMILE: Advent, which is also supporting Golden Cross Senior Residents Fund.

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