There are 2,514 children and teenagers in the foster care system in Tennessee,

and 254 are still waiting for adoption.

The church is uniquely called by God to care for the orphan,

and there are 11,179 churches in Tennessee.

While the official Orphan Sunday organized by Christian Alliance for Orphans was held November 2, Orphan Care at CUMC recognized this special day on October 26, launching a month-long focus in which we are highlighting a number of issues relating to God’s heart and the church’s care for the orphan.

The particular focus this year is on the need and opportunity for the church to support foster/respite care and adoption from within the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

  • You are encouraged to visit the brand new Heart Gallery of Tennessee, which is on display in Seabrook Hall at the front entrance at CUMC until November 23.Heart Gallery

The Heart Gallery is the primary feature of this year’s focus on foster/respite care and adoption within the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, and it includes beautiful photographs and biographies of actual children (many of whom are teenagers) within the system who are available for adoption.

Come allow your heart to be connected to the actual faces and stories of children in foster care, and realize in a fresh way that these are real lives that are at an absolutely crucial point. Many of these children will age out of the systemand be on their own–at 18 years old.

When you stop by the Gallery, you can also drop by the information table for $5 Adopted t-shirts in children’s and adult’s sizes (except adult’s M and L), $10 books, and more information about Orphan Care at CUMC.

Books available for purchase for $10 to support Orphan Care at CUMC:

Becoming Home by Jedd Medefind (the most accessible introduction to orphan care!)

Fields of the Fatherless by Tom Davis

Orphan Justice by Johnny Carr

Just Church by Jim Martin

  • PATH (Parents as Tender Healers) training sessions which are offered by the Department of Children’s Services for prospective foster/respite/adoptive parents, are held on the CUMC campus!

The next round of classes begins November 8 and runs through December 20.

Click here to register, and contact Stephanie Allen with any questions at 731-431-5790.

Heart Gallery - Adopted

Yes, there is great need in the numbers of children who need families that the church could easily meet–but it isn’t.

But there is so much opportunity here to both honor Jesus, and change young lives for the glory of his name as we are faithful to the good works that he has prepared for us to do.

Become a foster parent, consider adoption, provide short-term respite care for foster families, provide meals and run errands for foster parents, keep these children and those who help them in your prayers.

There are so many ways that all of us can participate, but it is our responsibility as those who have been adopted by God and whose lives therefore belong to him that we respond in a way that is faithful to God’s heart for those on the margins.

In the somber words of the Prayer of Confession, God not only forgive us for what we have done but also for what we have left undone.

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