NoWhispers SmallerMuch has happened over the last four weeks since we launched the No Whispers Initiative at Christ Church. We had nearly 130 people attend one of two information sessions highlighting the launch of this program for assisting those struggling with issues related to mental illness.

“We have been very pleased with our launch,” said Senior Pastor Shane Stanford. “The interest and support so early in this discussion show us the depth of this issue for so many in our congregation.”

Stanford also stated that several important events are planned for the next few months as No Whispers continues to take flight within the life of Christ Church. “We have a host of opportunities scheduled for people to learn and connect to No Whispers beginning this summer and through the fall. I believe we will look back on these next few months and truly see the hand of God at work in our church.”

The following are ‘next steps’ in our No Whispers Initiative:

  1. Life Witness Testimonies: Each month, we will highlight a different family/individual on CCTV and our website,, by sharing their video testimony of dealing with an issue of mental health in their personal journey.
  2. Mosaic Relaunch: Christ Church will relaunch our Mosaic Mental Health Referral Ministry on August 14 by providing updated information and resources for those seeking help with counseling and assistance.
  3. Journey of Hope Sermon Series: This five-week sermon series will provide a ‘front door’ for members of the congregation to both reflect on their personal journeys in mental health and also invite others in their lives to consider seeking assistance. The sermon series is a biblical-based approach to God’s plan for the healthy life.
  4. Chronic Life Retreat and Seminar: This five-session study series set in a retreat/seminar format provides detailed assessment for mental health care and health as well as biblical and counseling information for healthy practices.
  5. 2016 Christ Church Marriage Retreat: On September 16-17, Pastor Ted Cunningham and team will offer godly, biblical suggestions for a healthy marriage and family.
  6. Mental Health Support System: Adding to the already excellent support group system of Christ Church, the coordinating committee will evaluate and establish a new set of support groups for individuals and families in need.
  7. “What does this mean?” Video Series: A special video production by CCGlobal providing a clear understanding of mental health needs and clear signals for individuals and families to consider throughout their journey.

Watch your bulletin and Get Connected e-newsletter for more information. Please share this information with others as well!

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