too often broken from the startCircuit Rider, available since 1976, is a free periodical produced four times a year. The articles in each edition focus on the daily tasks of ministry or on leadership identity. While clergy are a significant audience, many readers share articles within their church leadership teams.

Senior Pastor Dr. Shane Stanford’s article, “Too Often Broken from the Start,” is featured in the August/September/October 2016 issue and also online.

Here’s an excerpt from his article:

The grace of Jesus Christ leads us to our most humbling beginning point, not the other way around. Our common denominator is our need for Jesus.

If we are present at God’s table because of grace, then our neighbor, who we are to love as ourselves, sits at that table for the same reason. Grace doesn’t make any of us right or wrong. It makes us worthy, and it reminds us that wounds, brokenness, and the prejudices of life don’t hold sway over us. The trajectory of hope begins in our favor, but only if we are willing to first say no to ourselves, take up the cross, and follow Jesus (Matthew 16:24).

Read Shane’s full article

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