The Purple House has been built!

The Carpenter Art Garden’s Purple House was one of three projects funded in part through CUMC’s 2nd Mile: Binghampton campaign from earlier this year.

It will enhance the work (and play) of the Carpenter Art Garden by enabling many more projects, and it will do more to help foster the community that has already been gathered around the Garden over the past couple of years.

Plus, it’s got to be one of the most friendly-looking houses you’ve ever seen.

To celebrate the Grand Opening of The Purple House, you’re invited to come by 301 Carpenter St. at 1:00 pm on Saturday, September 20 to celebrate the completion of construction and to see it in person!

If you would like to see the Purple House more often, The Art Garden continues to have opportunities for you to be involved–there is a place for each one of you to serve, support, and be a part of this truly amazing success story.

Visit for a collection of articles and videos about the Art Garden, and check out their own website at 

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