Guest post by Laura Greenwell, Director of Women’s Ministry & Hospitality

Laura Greenwell & Jennifer Bratton

Planning the annual Women’s Retreat does not happen easily, and we take it very seriously. This year it was a lot more difficult than usual. After many weeks of prayer, God gave both Amanda McCleskey and me the same idea. There was much clarity and a few tears! When I read a post from my longtime friend, Jennifer Bratton, I knew she was to be one of the speakers to share her “story.”

Amanda shared her story on Friday night, and again, there were tears. God’s love and redemption through other breakout sessions, story writing workshop, carbs, crying and chocolate… the retreat was just as God intended it to be. Thanks be to God! To Him be the glory! 

Here is Jennifer’s response to the weekend:

My heart is completely full from our time together this weekend. Thank you for so graciously welcoming me in to your fellowship and bravely sharing your stories with me. Each of your stories can be used powerfully to advance the Gospel and to encourage one another! 

Finally, ladies, remember…
He loves us! (What in the world!?!)
Whatever the hurt–Jesus.
Whatever the season–Jesus.
Whatever the circumstance–Jesus.
Whatever the question–Jesus.
Jesus. Only Jesus.

Jennifer wrote more about the weekend on her blog. Read it here.

Here’s what other women had to say about this year’s retreat:

So much hard work. Thank you everyone for a great retreat. Great food, fellowship and worship! –Michelle Crenshaw 

What a precious time. Thanks to everyone that planned it, got door prizes, listened to ideas, prayed over it, the worship team, speakers, etc. It was fabulous. –Pam Hudsmith

Wonderful job, ladies! Great retreat, speakers, food, small groups & goodies! Well done, faithful servants! –Janet Dillard

I am so beyond grateful for all you did to make the retreat a beautiful space for us all to be away. Laura, thank you so much! It blessed me beyond what I can say. Thank you again! –Maranda Bogue 

Great job, Laura! I loved hearing Jennifer, an outside speaker. She was really inspirational and uplifting. I also loved the additional musician. It’s great to hear different people when on a retreat. Breakout sessions were great too. Love seeing members share their talents and stories. –Kathryn Grissom

Thank you for all your hard work! It was a great retreat. So refreshing! –Mary Elizabeth Pittman

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