Guest post by Laura Greenwell, Director of Women’s Ministry & Hospitality

During this quarantine time, I have spent many quiet mornings gazing out my window. It’s my place to come with a cup of coffee to start the day. I pray, read, listen and watch. While God has provided abundant beauty in nature, I have especially enjoyed watching the birds. Last year, our first summer in our new house, I put up a hummingbird feeder. Much to my amazement, the hummers arrived very soon. Fascinated, I read about them, learned what to feed them and carefully cleaned and changed their water. After they left for the winter, I added a couple of feeders and enjoyed observing cardinals, finches, bluebirds and other beautiful creatures.

In my quiet time today, I thought about the different birds and how God must see us humans as different, unique creations, too. From my window, I have seen a huge majestic hawk swooping down for prey and a pesky little squirrel sneaking in for birdseed. The finches are small and cute as they dart in and out. The cardinals are so colorful and beautiful! They always come as a pair, and I have heard that they mate for life. I have seen the strikingly red male feed his mate, so tender and sweet. They even have a distinctive chirp. I can tell they are there without having to see them. 

Last week a mockingbird showed up and has been here every day since, enjoying the bounty. He is strong and very assertive. He dares another bird to come near when he is there. Large, loud and demanding, he perches on the fence looking like he is just waiting to intimidate the others. 

The bluebirds are so pretty and unusual. I put a house for them in the back. I love watching them enter the house to feed their young. One adult always stands guard on the fence when the other is inside. So protective! 

What is God showing me during my time at the window? He is teaching me that in some ways, people are like the birds. Some are sweet and make you smile because of the joy they bring. We can’t wait to see them and get so excited when they show up. Others like the squirrel show up unannounced, maybe even uninvited. Hey, they have to eat, too! There are some that are beautiful and show love so tenderly; we learn by watching them what it means to love your spouse and your friends. Sometimes we can be aggressive like the mockingbird and do all we can to make people stay away or at a distance. And sometimes, we are like the squirrel, not really sure what we are doing or why we are climbing this pole to sneak a nibble of what these birds seem to be enjoying. 

My view from the window reminds me that all God’s creatures need nourishment, not only physical, but also spiritual and mental. Just as I have provided food for the birds in my yard, God has provided for us through His Word and His Spirit. He CARES for us all—the bright red cardinal and the fluffy grey squirrel—and has a plan and a place to feed us. 

I miss my friends, my family and my coworkers, but I am also enjoying these quiet times. I pray that you will not miss what God is teaching you through this time. I look forward to the time when we can fellowship and worship together.

Remember, His eye is on the sparrow, and I KNOW He watches me.

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