Guest post from Shirley Sankey, CUMC’s ministry assistant for executive director of operations, who is passionate about Christ Feeds’ impact across the world in Zambia and here in Memphis.

Painting by local artist John Marston, from a photograph of a young boy after he accepted Christ. The painting will be available for purchase via silent auction at the November 3 event

In October 2010, the Christ Feeds food packaging event boxed more than 150,000 meals which were sent in a container to our partner ministries in the Chianda community of Lusaka, Zambia. For more than two years, these meals have fed children and those who care for them. For most, it’s the only meal they will eat that day. It’s easy to see the immediate impact of a child getting a nutritious meal. What’s not as obvious is the Kingdom impact these simple meals have as they provide an opportunity to see and know Jesus.

The original painting above (by local artist John Marston) is from a photograph taken this summer in the Chianda community. Here is a praying child who accepted Jesus Christ after learning about Him through various events in this community. The simple sincerity and serenity depicted is worth more than the words. Acts 2:39 says:

“The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off – for all whom the Lord our God will call.”

You see, Christ Feeds is really not just about food. It’s about the opportunity to love Jesus and love like Jesus. It’s about understanding that He will care for us when we choose to follow Him. It’s about knowing that we are loved – whether across the street or around the world. I don’t know this little boy’s name; but God does … just as He knows yours.

For more information on the Christ Feeds event on November 3 of this year and to see how you can help, visit the Christ Feeds page on the CUMC website. This painting will be available via silent auction at the November 3 event. For more information on the painting or for further details about Christ Feeds, please contact Shirley Sankey.

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