The devastating outbreak of the Ebola virus in western Africa affected the communities of our missionary partners in Liberia, Rev. Jerry Kulah, and Dr. Chris Hena, who asked for our support in prayers and donations, which we posted about on the Christ Church Blog:

Just yesterday Rev. Jerry Kulah sent us this hopeful update:

Rev. Jerry Kulah, District Superintendent of the Monrovia District of the Liberia Annual Conference

Rev. Jerry Kulah, District Superintendent of the Monrovia District of the Liberia Annual Conference

“It is our joy and delight to share with you our ministry reports from Liberia West Africa. Over the past months we witnessed the mighty hand of God upon our lives as we have had to deal with the Ebola virus disease that invaded our Land. We praise God for his intervention. Now we are beginning to breathe an air of relief as the virus has been contained, trusting God for its total eradication.”

Here’s an excerpt from Rev. Kulah’s ministry report:

The year 2014 will go down into the annals of Liberian history as one of the most horrendous, devastating and painful years that witnessed the ripping of our nation socially, economically, politically and culturally. It will be known as the year that a silent and unnoticed enemy called the Ebola virus disease invaded our land and took away 3600 precious lives of our citizens to their untimely demise, leaving a nation and its people helplessly unable to face the enemy. The paralyzing impact of the virus brought our national government to its knees, confessing to the world that ‘we are overwhelmed’ by the devastating effect of the virus upon our nation and peoples …

The destructive impact of the disease was so penetrating and horrifying that government institutions were shut down including all educational institutions across the country. Health institutions also closed down as health workers began to die due to our poor health infrastructure and lack of medical knowledge on how to respond to infected patients who had come down with this contagious disease that has no known cure. We lost over 170 health workers, including doctors and nurses, among the 3600 Ebola victims …

DSC00168Praise be to God that, while the church prayed and created awareness along with other community leaders, the government acted swiftly to engage the international community. Based upon government’s plea, help from many countries and organizations began to pour in; Ebola treatment centers began to be built; drugs began to pour in, medical doctors and other professionals from almost everywhere on the globe began to respond. Mobilization and awareness campaigns in all shapes and forms both by locals and international organizations began to take place. And today, Liberians are largely informed of the disease; various kinds of safety measures are being observed by individuals, families, communities and institutions. And the good news is that the Ebola virus disease is fast becoming history, not only in Liberia, but within the Mano River Basin, comprising of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea …

I was reminded by the statement of J. Hudson Taylor, missionary to Communist China, that, “God’s work done God’s way never lacks God’s supply.

Read Rev. Kulah’s full letter here.

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