(NOTE: Special thanks to CUMC member Lee Still for this guest blog post.)

Serving is like anything you do. It can be as easy or as hard as you want. I have found that it is best to keep things simple.

  1. Be intentional.
  2. Be available.
  3. Listen for a call to action.

There is a man that followed this recipe that has built a small army of volunteers to minister to the young men and women of East High School. He was a coach by trade and a servant by heart. That man was Jim Roper.

His intentional behavior was led by the Holy Spirit to be an example for volunteers and kid’s for years to come. He was available because he attended their practices and games. He accepted the call to action to become the Chaplin at East High and provide for many of the needs of these young people. Jim went home to be with Jesus in late March of this year.

We at Christ Methodist have another opportunity to share this recipe of being intentional, available and taking action with the young men and women of East High. The church will host its fifth Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) football camp August 2-4. We have decided to rename the camp in memory of our good friend, and the camp will now be called The Jim Roper East High FCA Football Camp.

There are many opportunities for all to serve. We have a chance to show that we can be the hands and feet of Christ by serving meals, snacks, hanging out, getting to know and supporting these extraordinary young men who want to be loved. I read a book recently that’s title says it all, You Can’t Do Everything… So Do Something. Please take this chance to invest in these young people and see returns greater than you could ever imagine.

For more information, visit cumcmemphis.org/serve or contact me at 901-326-7181, via email or follow me on twitter @leehstill.

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