Scripture: Luke 15:1-7

Former Senior Minister Dr. Bill Bouknight

In this parable of the lost sheep, Jesus talks about the one lost sheep in a flock of 100. In Kingdom terms, this one percent represents 200 million Americans who have never heard the Gospel.

There are millions of lost persons in America — even in our churches — many of whom seek more than money, beauty and superficial things.

Everyone on earth is either lost or found — if you’ve accepted Christ as your personal Savior, you will spend eternity in Heaven with Him.

Bill challenged Christians to three tasks:

  1. Engage in Godly gossip this week. Share positive things He has done in your life. Each Sunday, leave church with at least one nugget of truth to share. He will create natural opportunities for you to share at work, in your neighborhood, wherever you go. Be someone’s bridge to Christ.
  2. Be a list keeper. Keep a list of two or three persons who are unchurched and/or not in a relationship with Christ. Then do these four things:
    1. Pray for them regularly
    2. Build a friendship with them
    3. Invite them to a Christian gathering
    4. If a natural opportunity presents itself, share your faith in a winsome way
  3. Write down and be willing to share your Christian witness. What difference has Jesus made in your life? How did you come from faith? Once you’ve internalized it, God will bring people to you so that you can share the Gospel.

In closing, Bill reminded us that we don’t fail when we share the Gospel with someone who doesn’t accept it; we only fail when we don’t share it at all.

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