The latest in the series, Exposed: The Book of Hosea

We’re all shaped by our families of origin; there are many references in scripture to our family of origin; in Hosea, God is talking about Adam.

There are more than two dozen references in the Old Testament to our being “like Adam.”

Today’s question: Are we more like Adam or more like Christ?

Three things that God says to Israel that happen to us when we are more like Adam.

  1. We walk out from under the protection of God. We never walk outside His love, but sometimes He allows us, in our own free will, to leave His protection, as Israel did. It’s like a child who walks just outside his parents’ reach and into danger. There is no more destructive, sad, and scary place to be.
  2. We work ourselves out of God’s direction. We try to be our own god, do things our way. It’s like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol — we see where we are trying to go, but we cannot figure out how to get there. Where God has called us to go, only He can lead us. When we are more like Adam, we try to do it on our own and we lose direction.
  3. When we are more like Adam, we lose the affection of our relationship with God. We don’t lose His love, but we incur His discipline. Our apathy is more devastating that hate and there is nothing more painful than feeling alone. At the foundation of your life, God cares for us. But the more like Adam we become, the more we push Him away.

No matter who we are, we are all equal at the foot of the Cross and we need God’s protection.

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