Picture Imperfect: A View From a Wounded Heart

By Shane Stanford • Scripture: Hosea 8 – 10

The book of Hosea is about the wounded heart of God; as we realize how His heart is wounded by our sin, we also learn about our own brokenness.

In the first few verses of Chapter 8, God is telling Israel that their sacrifices will not please Him as they are not given with a right heart. There is encouragement in Chapter 10, verse 12:

“… Plant the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of love … ” Hosea 10:12

This verse begins a cycle of love and righteousness.

Shane shared three lessons about a broken heart:

  1. The longer we live with a broken heart, the more meaningless our lives become. We lose the driving purpose and the meaning for our journey. We were created to need God, to want meaning and to crave that which is holy. When you live long enough with a broken heart, you begin to feel as if your life doesn’t matter. Israel had strayed from God and forgotten its meaning.
  2. A broken-hearted people always go back to old habits and old mistakes. God warns Israel as its people lapse into old patterns: “You are in for disappointment and emptiness.”
  3. A broken-hearted people, when they lose meaning, wander farther, losing their God-given identity and begin to forget about God. When we lose our meaning and revert to old patterns, we begin to forget who we are.

Everything God says to Israel in Hosea is before the Messiah — God has given us something new in Christ. We don’t have to keep planting with the same old burdens and brokenness.

Plant good seeds, Jesus is with you. You will reap the bounty of His love. Don’t give up on your journey, on relationships. We all matter; our meaning was restored at the Cross.

Listen to the sermon audio online.

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