From Hosea Chapter 2.

Shane began the sermon with a question: “Have you sold your soul for nothing in return?”

In this passage, God has the same conversation with Israel that he had with Moses; the people had been unfaithful, had broken His heart and He was angry, much like Hosea, who was hurt by his wife Gomer’s unfaithfulness as she sought to find her identity through promiscuity.

In the first 13 verses of Chapter 2, God is plotting our demise, but beginning in verse 14, He gives us another chance. Hosea helps us see what sin does in the lives of people, as God says to His people, “You have broken my heart.”

The passage teaches us three things about what God has done for us and what the world has done to us.

  1. Sin’s purpose is to debilitate us. It’s like a chronic illness. It takes away the power in our lives and reverses our priorities. Despite our sin, we are not forgotten by God — He forgives all; no sin is too great. He wants to set us on a new journey. Satan wants us to forget who we are in Jesus. When we live for so long in the dark, Satan convinces us we can’t find the light and don’t deserve it.
  2. There is no price too high for god to bring us home to Him — even His own son. Nothing can keep us outside His love. We brought condemnation to our own lives; rather than walk in His power, we choose to walk in darkness.
  3. If God is willing to pay any price for our righteousness, we owe a balance we can never repay. But God has paid it for us. He knows us, all our sins and failing, and still He says to us, “You are mine.”

He loved Gomer, He loved Israel and He loves you and me. The God of Hosea is our God. Amen.

“ Sin is a total, absolute catastrophe for humanity.” — John Wesley

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