It’s been a real pleasure so far for me to share in teaching this summer’s Power Hour Men’s Bible Study. After going through a number of biblical books in recent months, the current theme is “Summer Tune-Up,” which offers lessons on a variety of theological topics focused on practicality and the life of the Christian faith.

In his discussion “Vanity and Vocation,” Scholar-in-Residence Jason Hood related the teaching of Ecclesiastes to addressing the quest for meaning in the 21st century. Listen to the discussion here.

Another week, our new associate pastor of congregational care Chris Carter introduced himself to the group with a very rich and meaningful talk entitled “Take Your Shoes Off.” Read the blog post about it here.

I have devoted my own lessons to a series entitled “Humanity.” The first week, “The Original Commission of God” studied what we as humans were created for in the first place. Genesis 1-2 reveals that we are created to worship God by reigning on earth as his image-bearers. This involves a priestly function in that we mediate God’s presence and reign to the rest of creation, and it also involves serving as what J.R.R. Tolkien has called “sub-creators.” God created the world in such a way that he leaves room for us to work and serve in order to bring creation along to completeness. This complete world is the garden-city of Revelation, a perfected version of what was began in Genesis. This is what it means to speak of the Original Commission of God for humanity. Listen to the discussion and download the handout here.

In the second week of the “Humanity” series which took place during the last Power Hour, we discussed “The Global People of God.” We are created for community as we serve as God’s image-bearers in creation. But, humans because of disobedience and rebelliousness have already failed at fulfilling this Original Commission. Disobedience and rebelliousness wrecked humanity’s opportunity to do it on their own. Salvation in Jesus Christ is what enables us to get back on track to being true humans, the humanity that God created. The church is that part of humanity that is en route as saved people to becoming properly worshiping and reigning humans. That being said, what is the church like today as a global reality? What does the body of Christ look like? One of the most important things that today’s Christians in the Western world can realize is that the majority of Christians are now Third World inhabitants. Learn more about this with the discussion and handout here.

The next and final part of the “Humanity” series on July 25 will be entitled “Sharing and the Worship of God.” We will take what we have learned so far and tie it all together as we delve deeper into what being human is all about in regards to how we use our possessions. This is absolutely central to our human identities, and it is inextricably woven with how and in what ways we worship God. I hope you’ll come join us for this discussion.

The Teaching Resident for the Christ College Residency Program, Wyatt Harris, will lead the discussion for two weeks this summer as well. In his first week he will discuss Christian spirituality by centering on the Gospel of John’s presentation of  Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman, and the lame man at the pool of Bethesda. In his second week Wyatt will lead a discussion based on material in the N.T. Wright book How God Became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels. The main topic will be what the New Testament Gospels are there for and what they teach us.

Join us!

Power Hour is held in Seabrook Hall on Wednesdays from 11:30-12:45. The meal is $5. The lesson usually starts at 12:00 noon. For more information, contact Ashley Parks,, 261-2153.

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