We have ALREADY received all the donations we need to provide 50 weekly boxes of meals for the Carpenter Art Garden this summer!

Continue reading to find out more about the next couple of steps for Summer Nutrition at the Carpenter Art Garden! 

It was a very happy occasion this past Tuesday at the Carpenter Art Garden to launch the weekly delivery from the Mid-South Food Bank of 50 boxes of non-perishable meals with nearly the entire summer already funded.Summer Nutrition at the Carpenter Art Garden

It was later last year that the conversation about what eventually became Summer Nutrition at the Carpenter Art Garden began. Andrew Bell, a Christ Church member who is on staff at the Food Bank, contacted the missions office wondering about what opportunities there could be to combine his work at the Food Bank with local missions at CUMC.


Ta packing meal boxes with help from LaTonya Hunt, director of Carpenter Street Community Garden

The Art Garden is a place for kids to learn about and engage in artistic activities so that they can express their creativity, but so much more happens there. Connections are made to other people in the neighborhood and to people who come from outside the neighborhood to take part. And opportunities are taken to receive tutoring, to explore the outdoors, to go on field trips, to participate in workshops on a variety of topics, and more.


Andy taping packed meal boxes

Through these experiences, the children who spend time at the Art Garden grow and develop in probably all the ways that lead to them becoming people who give back to their community.

One of many things involved in maturing into a person who cares for oneself as well as others is living a healthy lifestyle. Learning nutrition comes through the same means as everything else at the Art Garden is learned–through DOING. Through your donations for 50 boxes a week with each box containing 6 meals, kids can eat nutritiously as they experience the value of healthy food.


Tasha McCraven of the Mid-South Food Bank, who trained Ta on packing the boxes of meals

When Andrew pulled up in the Food Bank truck on Tuesday to deliver the palette of food and boxes, we carried it all bit by bit into the Purple House so that Ta could receive his training from Tasha. (It is quite impressive how far $350 a week can go through the Mid-South Food Bank!) Ta, who will be entering high school this fall, is one of two kids who have been hired by Ms. Erin at the Art Garden to pack and distribute the boxes of meals every week.

As the produce being grown in the Carpenter Street Community Garden a couple of lots down from the Art Garden comes in, these fresh fruits and veggies will be included with the non-perishable meals from the Food Bank. And Ta has already started including information on nutritious food with the meals for the kids to read.

Before long, the kids will also be able to take part in cooking demonstrations, so Summer Nutrition at the Art Garden is off to a wonderful start!Carpenter-Art-Garden-Dental-Missions-Slider

As the need for donations for meals wraps up, please consider donating brand-new toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, and floss so that they can be included with the meals. Along with healthy eating comes the need for healthy teeth and good dental hygiene. You can drop off your donations in the box near the front desk in the Seabrook lobby.

We will also be taking some exciting steps soon to add regular consumption of delicious, clean, healthy Memphis water to Summer Nutrition at the Art Garden. Keep on the lookout for more information, which will be coming soon.

Visit for more information about Summer Nutrition and for everything else happening at the Carpenter Art Garden!

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