Guest post by Stan Harding

In 2002, just one week before receiving the adoption paperwork matching us to our oldest daughter, Lily, I lost my income.

Being a one income family, in a new business, and not having any significant savings to fall back on, we were faced with the dilemma of whether to stretch our money until I could get more work or send most of what we had to the adoption agency.  After prayerful consideration, we knew that there was only one answer and we would not deny our daughter her new home.

Harding Family

We didn’t have a significant income for over a year, but we had our daughter. I’m still amazed at how God sustained us during that time. Eleven years later, I can’t imagine what life would be like for our family without Lily. Lily was God’s perfect addition to our family. She is such a beautiful, amazing, and gifted young lady.

The story of adoption with our family doesn’t end with Lily, but it was the beginning of several other families’ road to adopt. As an adoptive father, I know firsthand that there are multiple ways the Enemy discourages families from following through with their intention to adopt. Just like others at Christ Church, we want to see orphan children find a forever family and want to encourage families who are facing the expense of adoption by sharing in that burden.

The Christ Church Adoption Fund is one expression of that desire.

If you’re interested in adoption, but have concerns, there are several families at Christ Church that have been down that road and would be happy to answer question you have and share their experiences with you. If you believe finances are the primary barrier keeping you from adoption, I would love to talk to you. I’m convinced that God keeps his word when it comes to placing the lonely in families; he just needs the families he is calling to step out in faith and see what wonderful thing he has for them.

For more information about the Christ Church Adoption Fund, visit You can contact Stan at

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