Do you recognize the titles of the talks below as songs? If so, then this class is for you and your spouse.scotts-class-cropped

During the next eight weeks, we invite you to join other couples in their mid 30s-mid 40s as we take a raw and real look at our marriages.

New Sunday school class for couples
Begins Sunday, Sept. 18 | 11 a.m. | Wilson/Ross 401

Spend time developing a biblical foundation for marriage and practical suggestions for balancing love, life and parenting in a crazy, hectic world. The class is hosted by Drew Sippel and taught by Scott Lees—but not endorsed by either of their spouses. In fact, Scott’s wife is really curious to see what he says.

9/18 Week 1: Welcome to the Jungle | Drew Sippel  This first week is a chance to get to know the leaders, overview the lessons and meet the rest of the class. Since we are a new group meeting together for the fist time and studying some important stuff, we’ll have some icebreakers as a way of getting to know one another before we really kick things off.

9/25 Week 2: I Want To Know What Love Is | Scott Lees  What’s your relationship built on? How would you and your spouse answer this question? Would you two have the same response? This lesson will look at the definition of love in the Bible and lay out a biblical foundation that stands the test of trials and time.

10/2 Week 3: Total Eclipse of the Heart | Scott Lees  Why did you marry your spouse? What were your expectations for your marriage? How did you vision your future? This particular week we’ll see what scripture says about the purpose of marriage and why God thinks your spouse is essential for your spiritual growth.

10/9 Week 4: Here I Go Again | Scott Lees  If you work for an organization, then chances are it has a set of core values. What about your marriage? Chances are you brought a set of values into the relationship, but they are probably implicit and not explicit. The goal of this lesson is to bring implicit values to the surface and formally define some explicit core values for your family going forward.

10/16 Week 5: Christ Feeds Event (No Class)  Make sure you register for this food packaging event so we can all serve together on this special Sunday. Working with Stop Hunger Now, groups will package healthy and sustainable meals to send to our partner in Zambia, Mercy Ministries. The food will offer nourishment to the HIV-affected community and more than 350 children served by the local school. This year’s Christ Feeds will be quite different from past events…There are two different shifts. Worship will be combined in the Sanctuary with normal service times, allowing you to both worship and serve. Sunday school classes will not meet, but there will be nursery and Pre-K classes for children under the age of 4. | Learn more and register

10/23 Week 6: Sweet Child O’ Mine | Pam and Stueart Hudsmith  Children are a gift from God, but often they become an all-consuming gift and we build our world around them. On this Sunday, we’ll hear from an experienced couple who have raised six kids. They’ll lead us in discussion on how children impact our time, attention, finances and even friendships.

10/30 Week 7: Let’s Talk About Sex | Scott Lees  The DNA of a healthy marriage includes communication and sex. This week we’ll focus on sex first, since two males are leading the course. Learn how intimacy with God translates to intimacy with each other and how intimacy with each other translates to intimacy with God. Learn how good communication feeds your sex life and how a good sex life can positively impact communication.

11/6 Week 8: It Takes Two | Scott Lees  Communication is essential. We know that to be true, but it’s still a struggle. Why? Chances are it’s related to how we are wired as men and women and how our environment has shaped us. Specifically, we’ll see how women want to be heard and how men want to fix things and why this is often the root of our communication problems.


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