This morning was the wrapup of Youth Encounter Weekend (YEW), so the sea of young people at the front wearing gray t-shirts and special musical guests Shane and Shane made today’s service extraordinary.

Shane took the stage after Shane and Shane (!) with a message titled Exposed: A Study of the Book of Hosea-A Roar from Heaven from Hosea 11.

Chapter 11 begins as God is frustrated with Israel’s (and our) lack of faithfulness. His frustration is not born of anger, but of love. God’s message is that even though we are broken, we are still His and we are still special.

Here are four things God is saying to Israel in Hosea 11.
The reason we’re His – He taught us to walk as we teach our own children. He taught us to walk and run, though He knew we would run away from him. He has given us the strength we need. Sometimes we feel we have wandered too far for Him to love us anymore; but we are still His.

He took them in His arms and healed them, because He had embraced them — not the other way around.

He led them with bands of kindness, cords of love, bonds that cannot be broken. He has bound us together. If we remain sealed in these bonds, there is nothing the world can do to us as He leads us through our troubles.

God said to Israel, “I have treated you like those who hold infants to their cheeks.” He loves us, He has fed us, embraced us, healed us and is knocking at the door of our hearts.

The God of Israel wants to be your God — He wants you to know you belong to Him.

Here’s the sermon audio if you’d like to listen.

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