Ruth 2:8 – 14

The story of Ruth and Naomi picks up as the women are in Jerusalem. Naomi’s relative, Boaz, was a generous man and the woman had no food. They go to Boaz’ field, hoping to get some leftover grain after the harvest. Boaz sees Ruth and sends her to the front of the line, because he knew of the sacrifices she had made for Naomi.

As Boaz freely gives her food and water, she wonders why he would be so kind to her, a stranger, an immigrant (a word that translates roughly to adopted.

Shane outlined three reasons a person is adopted:

  1. For their survival, as a young child with no home. Moses was adopted for his survival.
  2. So that they may grow beyond the level to which their family can grow them. Samuel’s story in the Bible demonstrates this.
  3. Some are adopted as a launching pad to change their world. In the greatest example, Joseph adopted Jesus, protected Him, and gave him a place and an identity — Jesus of Nazareth — from which he could accomplish His ministry.

Why is this identity important?

  1. It gives us confidence to be who God has called us to be. Ruth had no confidence, but Boaz lifted her up. Because we are adopted in Christ, we are made new family. All that has gone before is null and void.
  2. It gives us the ability to grow to the stature that God has intended for us. Ruth grew into an identity and a place she came to call her own.

Boaz tells Ruth that her witness preceded her. Our witness precedes us as well, whether positive or negative. We must study and grow to become more deeply rooted in the Word so that we can clearly articulate to others our place in God’s family.

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