Ruth 3:10 – 14 by Shane Stanford

Today’s passage finds Ruth and Naomi in the care of Boaz, living within a loving community, but Naomi is concerned about Ruth’s long-term care. Boaz is concerned about caring for them. Each of the three teach us what is means to go beyond ourselves.

Naomi tells Ruth to approach Boaz; in those days it was the custom for a man who cared for a woman to be entitled to sleep with her, so Naomi urged Ruth to offer herself. This was not considered immoral in Bible times. Ruth, willing to sacrifice her happiness and well-being, goes to wake up Boaz, but he refuses to dishonor her and sacrifices his privilege for her good. He sends her away before dawn, so no one will see her and believe she has acted immorally. All are examples of a servant’s heart.

We are called to be Jesus’ hands and feet and to give beyond what we believe is reasonable, but we cannot do everything that is set before us. God has given each of us a passion area and the gifts to make a difference in that area.

When everyone uses their gifts, anything becomes possible. Naomi, Ruth and Boaz teach us about intentionality. Boaz wanted to protect Ruth’s honor, Naomi and Ruth needed security. All came up with intentional ways to make it happen and found purpose. Are you a shotgun or a rifle? God wants us to be intentional about what we’re called to do.

When all are intentional, keeping their eyes on Christ, He transforms the hearts of His people and our gifts and passions become meaningful.

You can hear the sermon audio here.

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