Today’s first sermon in the new series on Ruth was based on Ruth 1:16-19a.

In this passage, Naomi and her family have left their homeland to escape famine. When her husband dies, she goes to live with her sons, as was the custom. Tragically, her sons also died, leaving Naomi with no one to care for her. Her daughter-in-law Ruth, over Naomi’s objections, chooses to stay with her rather than return to her family as is customary.

Shane highlighted three important aspects of the story:

  1. Ruth and Naomi were not bound by blood; there were no cultural codes to define their relationship at that point, it was completely dependent upon their hearts.
  2. Their relationship and their circumstances were both beyond their control. They had to come together as an extended family to find a solution to their difficult situation. They chose one another out of love, not blood.
  3. They became and extended family. Ruth’s choice did not mean that their journey would be easier, but it meant that the journey would not be lonely.

God calls us all together to worship him, so that we first set our eyes on Him, but on others as well. We all belong and all need a place where we are reminded that we are not alone. We lift our eyes and hearts to Christ, align our spirits and souls to Him and we do it together.

An audio version of this sermon is available on our website.

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