cumc-saintuarieIsaiah 53:1-12

In this series, we’ve discussed rest and restoration; today we we talk about what happens when God reaches out for us.

This passage seems heavy; it talks about what Jesus did for us on Calvary, but we also see hope.

Shane outlined three things we learn about Jesus reaching out for us from Isaiah 53:

  1. He reached out for us first; He took on flesh. God shored up humanity by becoming like us; knowing and experiencing our sufferings and taking on all of our guilt. He knew our brokenness, struggles and despair when He went to Calvary. He took on flesh in ways that were both revered and reviled. He became like us at every level and in every corner. No matter what we face, He knows what it’s like.
  2. He took on a purpose. He took on the burden of the burdened, the guilt of the guiltiest. His purpose was a cosmic one that began with one life. If we had been the only person on earth, He’d still have done it just for us. He understands our worry, fear and our physical needs. He wants all of our lives, not just the spiritual part.
  3. He reached out to us with a real plan. It called for Him to take our spot on Calvary, bearing sin and death, though He was perfect. He transformed our brokenness into something eternal for His purpose. He takes our greatest weakness and makes it our greatest strength.

Here’s today’s sermon audio if you’d like to listen.



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