Matthew 1:18

In this passage, Mary and Joseph are engaged, but she has become pregnant. Joseph plans to quietly divorce her, but an angel comes to him and tells him that the child has been conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Joseph did the good and right thing, but he went beyond good to Godly.

There are good things and there are exceptional things. The exceptional takes us from good to Godly. We all have the exceptional within us, given by God.

Shane outlined three things that differentiate between a good and a Godly person:

  1. A good person does the right thing; a Godly person does the righteous thing — God’s thing, which usually pushes us out of our comfort zone. He calls us to hunger for righteousness just as we would hunger for food if we hadn’t eaten for days.
  2. A good person lives honorably; a Godly person lives honorably and with humility. Righteous, humble living can change the world — who gets the credit for our accomplishments?
  3. A good person is always helpful; a Godly person is helpful and hopeful that, with humility and righteous living they can change a life. Hope changes everything — both relationships and the trajectory of where a person will go and lives they will change.

We are not called to only do good; we’re called to do exceptional things, to transcend our abilities to do what only God can empower.

Listen to the audio of this sermon here.

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