John 17

more-than-wordsThis passage in John is set right before the Crucifixion; even as He faces death and suffering, Jesus prays for us. His prayer for us is that we would allow God to shape our lives with His wisdom and truth, not the world’s.

Satan seeks to dismember the Body of Christ, to sow seeds of disunity and fracture. This is how He keeps us from reaching our potential; he doesn’t have to destroy us, merely to distract us is enough.

Jesus knows that unity is important; that His — and our — greatest strength is when we are in unity with the Father.

Shane shared three truths Jesus taught us about unity in all areas of life, in all relationships:

  1. We are safest and strongest when we are in unity with each other and with Christ; this is why daily Bible reading and devotional time is crucial. Unity with God makes us stronger in our journey.
  2. Jesus knows we impact our world when we are unified; the opposite is also true. A church in disunity is an ineffective church. If we are together, we can live up to our potential in Christ.
  3. We glorify God when we are united; divided, we bring shame on the Gospel. Jesus wept at Lazarus’ tomb, not because Lazarus was dead, but for the division of the people around Him.

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