Matthew 6

more-than-wordsThis is the last in our More Than Words series. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve learned so far.

  1. God wants a relationship with each of us.
  2. He wants to shape our lives with His wisdom, not that of the world.
  3. Jesus prays that we will be united and not torn about by theological or other issues.
  4. Everything we do and are should bring glory to God.

Today’s message, Praying And Living The Lord’s Prayer, shows how Jesus teaches us to pray.

He teaches us three things about how to pray as He gives us The Lord’s Prayer.

    1. Don’t make the ritual more important than the prayer.

    He tells us to “Go to our room and shut the door.” This is also the first time He refers to God as our Father. It’s not the words we recite, prayer is who we are. We are how we pray. It’s an outflow of who we are in Christ. We must be intentional about our prayer lives. Prayer is how God entrusts His own heart and will into our lives on a regular basis.

    2. Jesus gives the disciples an outline for ordering our prayer lives: The Lord’s Prayer.

    Our words come from our hearts; first praise Him, and pray with “holy humility.” We pray with “holy humility” when we say, “Your will be done.” We acknowledge our powerlessness and submit to His will.We may not know what He is calling us to do, but we choose to make Him first in our lives.

    3. After you have prayed and submitted your will to His, ask for what you need and, and intercede for others.

    Don’t pray for your needs before you submit your will to His.Ask for forgiveness and protection for temptation. We face temptation internally and externally from evil in the world.

    There are places in which we’re only strong enough when we’re on our knees and humble before God.

    Jesus calls us to open our eyes, to take hold of a prayer life that will change us; with God alive in every part of our lives.

    Watch today’s sermon on video here.

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