John 12

more-than-wordsToday was the last of the series, More Than Words: What the Prayers of Jesus Teach Us About the Heart of God.

In this passage from John, Jesus is telling the disciples to walk in the light while they can; while they can still be with Him in person, to soak up all of the light they possibly can.

… Walk in the light while you can, so the darkness will not overtake you. Those who walk in darkness cannot see where they are going. (John 12:35)

Shane shared three ways we can bring glory to God:

  1. Through our worship. Worship is a chance to be in His presence, and to point others to Him. Don’t miss a chance to be with Him and and show others to Him. Part of Jesus’ worship was being connected to God and to others, not just between Himself and the Father.
  2. Through our witness. The Bible tells us to let our light shine before others. What is in our hearts will guide what we do. The word witness translated from the Greek is like withness. Take up His cross and follow Him to Calvary; be with Jesus.Jesus had 142 contacts with people in the Gospels; six of them were in the temple; four in synagogues, and other other 122 were in the mainstream of life. Our true worship comes to life in places far from church; that’s where we bring Him the most glory.
  3. Through our actions. Some of the most powerful preaching has no words; What we do as Jesus is as important as what we do for Jesus; they are the same in scripture.

When Jesus finished this prayer in John 12, He went to the Cross. When the night is darkest, and we are in fear, we pray the loudest, not to change God, but to change ourselves.

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