Luke 2

iStock_000007446688XSmallIn this passage, the angel appears to the shepherds to tell them of Christ’s birth and they are terrified. They met the message of God as they went about their everyday lives.

When the heard the message brought by the angel, they decided to travel to Bethlehem to see Jesus. When they arrived, they found Mary, Joseph and the baby in the manger. They were overjoyed, they rushed to tell their story and all were amazed.

Sometimes we see God’s work in our lives, sometimes we’re the shepherds minding our daily business, wondering what He is doing.

Shane outlined three important principles about God’s message coming to life in us. Three Hs:

  1. God’s message is always heralding something important, something new that changes our world. His message is meant to transform something for our good and for His plan. It’s meant to draw us closer to Him and to each other. The shepherds were expecting just another night; they did not expect news that would transform them and the world. God has wrapped a beautiful gift for us, but we often seek the shiny things that glitter instead of His gifts.
  2. The shepherds had to stop what they were doing and hear the message. In addition to hearing the message, we must truly listen and allow it to change us. Hearing God’s voice helps us get closer to Him, one moment at a time.
  3. The shepherds had to heed the message. Have you ever had a gift so perfect and powerful that you wanted everyone to see it? the world needs for us to not only hear God’s message, but also to heed it and be changed by it.

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