Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 10.29.47 PMThis is the first sermon in our new series, Five Stones. It’s based on a new book by Shane and former Saks Fifth Avenue CEO Brad Martin. Today Shane introduced Brad and he kicked off the series, based on the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel, beginning in Chapter 17.

We all face giants in our lives: brokenness, loss, and others. But God, through His power, has made us giant killers. The story is about the giants, but also about God’s promises.

The Philistines and Israelites had been fighting — the Philistines were winning because they had a huge soldier named Goliath. When David came to bring supplies to the Army, he heard Goliath insulting and disrespecting God.

David tells Saul he can fight the giant; Saul gives him his own armor, the finest available. David tells Saul he can’t wear it because it isn’t his, it doesn’t fit, and he removes it. Armed with only a slingshot and five smooth stones, he goes — quickly and boldly — to take on the giant. Goliath curses David, and David slings the stone, hits Goliath in the forehead, and falls to the ground.

The story is more than just a children’s Bible story; it’s about real battles and real issues. We’ve all faced giants, but all are defeatable in the power of Christ.

The book Five Stones is a combination of a pastoral and a lay view of the story.

Brad Martin shared the five stones we need to fight our own giants.

  1. Picture • David knew his adversary; and knew that Goliath was large, but only human. He was able to separate fact from fiction.
  2. Tools • David took many tools and resources with him into battle; he was experienced at fighting wild animals. We all have the tools we need to fight the giants we encounter — our unique gifts.
  3. Plan • David had methodically charted his steps and actions for success.
  4. Training • David honed his physical skills daily in the field, through sacrifice, obedience and effort.
  5. Nerve • When it was time to go to battle, David ran boldly and quickly, without hesitation.

We won’t always win as quickly as David did, but even mere survival gives us the chance to fight again in the future. No one thought David could win, but he was big enough. God made us all big enough and He is with us in any battle we face.

Watch the video of the service here.

Copies of the book Five Stones can be purchased at the church, in both the Seabrook and Sanctuary lobbies. Proceeds from books purchased at CUMC go to the Mosaic counseling ministry.


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