Blessing of backpacks for students from preschool through graduate school

Galatians 6:1 – 10

Today we celebrated the Blessing of the Backpacks, a special day of prayer and blessing for our students at the beginning of a new school year. Mayors A.C. Wharton and Mark Luttrell were in attendance, as was Superintendent Dorsey Hopson and various school board members.

Shane shared, from Galatians, Paul’s five marks of a Christ follower:

  1. Those who are taught the Word should share and live it. The first mark of a Christ follower is one who knows the Word and allow it to live and breathe through our lives. As we live out the Word, it empowers us to change our communities and, ultimately, the world. The change begins within us.
  2. We plant seeds for the benefit of those who don’t know Him, not only for ourselves. God love lost, broken people, He loves us when we get it right, and when we mess up. When we forget this, we insulate ourselves into places we can control.
  3. God wants Christ followers to be unified, to work for the good of all. He hates disunity. We are made in His image and called to be in relationship with each other as the Trinity is in relationship. Division undoes the whole world.
  4. Life happens best when we do it together. Rules and rituals don’t matter if we aren’t living in community. The sweetest part of the journey is that when one stumbles, the other carries.
  5. Full devotion is possible in Jesus. Each day with Him is better than the day before; this is what He died for. We all have goals for our lives; the one goal we should all work toward is to look more like Jesus every moment.

Where are our eyes today? On a world that will quickly forget us? Goals that will fade away? Or on on the One who has His eyes on us?

Watch the service on video.

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