Scripture: Genesis 17:1 – 14

A covenant is not like a contract, which we get into and out of; a covenant is an agreement that says, “I will give you the essence of my life” God did not approach Abraham with a contract; He came to him with a covenant. Covenant is deeper, more intimate and more powerful. So powerful that it called Abram to change his name to Abraham. A covenant relationship with the living God is meant to change us.

Shane shared three things about covenants with God:

  1. He makes a covenant in a specific relationship. We are all called to have specific, individual relationship with God.
  2. There are specific condition in a covenant. For Abraham, the conditions were to walk in His way, and live a trustworthy life. We may only have a split second to be Christ for someone; walk in His ways all the time and we’ll always be prepared.God wants us to look Him in the eye, confess who we are in Him, and then to the world.
  3. He gives specific symbols. He changes Abram’s name to Abraham; there are symbols that tell people that we belong to God. We all worry about our legacy and our heritage; there is nothing more powerful than a faith that testifies to the glory of God.

It’s not material things that matter, but what you confess to be true and how you live your faith. He invites us into covenant with him. Look Him in the eye and answer Him.

Audio of today’s sermon is here.

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