Shane’s message today is from Genesis Chapter 3. In this passage, Adam and Eve are tempted by the serpent, and, in disobedience of God’s orders, eat the fruit of the forbidden tree.

This video chillingly illustrates the story of Genesis 3:

Today’s question: Are you living in the gift of Creation or in the consequences of sin?

God wants to change the dynamics of your life, to give you a new beginning. But our sin affects others — it’s not just about us, there are repercussions for others as well.

Christ-Methodist-Epic-ConsequencesShane shared these lessons from Genesis 3:

    • Satan knows which buttons to push. He knows our weaknesses better than we do. He knows the consequences of our sin, seeks us out like a lion prowling the earth who wants nothing less than our total destruction. We must be honest about sin; the milder the label, the more dangerous the poison. We must accept the fact of sin and label it as such, even when it makes us uncomfortable.
    • Satan didn’t have to push too many buttons. God gives us free choice to turn away from Him if we wish. With this choice comes great responsibility and accountability. There are two buttons Satan knows to push:
      1. Self-centeredness
      2. Blame

He pushed these buttons when Eve wanted to disobeyed God, and when Adam and Eve both blamed someone or something else for their sin. More than Satan pushing buttons, in Genesis 3 we become losers, as we lose:

    • Proximity to God
    • Access to eternity
    • Trust in one another
    • Collaboration with Creation
    • Our moral compass
  • We may sin, but we were not created to be sinners. Under sin, the story doesn’t make sense, but the broken can find redemption. We are the cause of brokenness, but Jesus is the cure.

Listen to the audio of this sermon here.

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