epic-creationToday we began a new five-week sermons series called Epic: The Story of God. The message was based on Genesis 1:1 – 5.

Creation isn’t about history; it’s about what God is doing now and continues to do in the lives of His people.

Three things we learn from the first five verses of Genesis:

  1. There was an intentionality in Genesis and an intentionality about Creation. The writers (believed to be students of Moses) wanted us to know and understand that we are not accidents. The language used is intentional as well. The Hebrew is (loosely) translated: “Out of nothing, there was a beginning, something created.” God created everything from nothing.
  2. There is an order to Creation. The Trinity said, “Let us create Man in our own image.” We are created in the image of the relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to be in relationship with Him. In Hebrew, God, is translated to mean “God of gods” or “Father of gods.” The God of gods spoke the words and His Spirit hovered over the earth as the Trinity worked together to create. As the Church, we’re called the Body of Christ, in the Trinitarian order of creation. God’s creative power works in our lives, transforms and changes us. We were created to need God and to need one another. When we disconnect ourselves, we endanger our part in Creation.
  3. There are principles of Creation. Look at the work of the Trinity — there are three facets.
    1. Relationship
    2. Distinct Roles
    3. Respect as all parts know their work is special.

When we marry, two become one; in baptism, we are brought into God’s family; in Communion, we take in His Body and Blood. All bring together that which was separate.

In the fires of Creation, God refined and brought forth all that we know. He saw His reflection in it and it was good. As our sin distorted His creation, He send Jesus to redeem it.

Remember, you were not an accident.

Hear the sermon audio on our website.


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