Acts 2:42 – 47

Epic: The Story of God — CommunityFaith is more than a series of repetitive actions; it’s something that comes to life in us. We are the living, breathing, care of God in action. The best evangelism is to simply live like Jesus. Shane shared four things that happen when we make loving like Jesus the focus of our spiritual journey.

Growth, both in numbers and in the depth of our spiritual lives. It’s not about denomination, it’s about following Jesus. When God’s people act like it, others are drawn to Him. We never lack to opportunities to share our faith; we often lack the will to do so. The Church must get out of the four walls and get involved as witnesses to the faith. When others see us living it, they want to know more.

Resources — the early church made sure no one in their church family was in need. We have plentiful resources, but sometimes lack the will to share.

Unity and good will — The early church experienced and demonstrated good will. Satan’s way is to create division within the body and distract us from that which is truly important.

Impact — Those who act like Jesus impact their world. We have a story to tell — and to live. We’ve been called to impact our community for good.

It’s time. We are called to love and care for one another, share the Gospel and give ourselves away. When others see Jesus’ love in us, they will know there is a difference.

Sermon audio is available on our website.


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