John 3:1-21

christ-methodistepic-christShane began today’s message by reminding us that the most important part of the story of God is His Son Jesus.

It’s impossible to encounter the teachings of Christ without being affected; all who meet Him are impacted. No one walks away the same after meeting Jesus.

In our scripture passage, Nicodemus, a highly-respected religious official, has a powerful conversation with Jesus. He is questioning how it is possible for a person to be born again — he’s willing to ask what may seem to be a foolish question because he understands that what Jesus is doing is that important.

Jesus outlines four corners of salvation:

  1. Reconciliation • He came to repair a broken relationship between us and God. Jesus’ death reconciles us. The first things God did through Christ was to reconcile the breach between Him and man; our sins were forgotten on Calvary.
  2. Repentance • If we confess and repent of our sins, we will be forgiven and redeemed. All we have to do is ask; grace and forgiveness are ours for the asking. No matter what, we can repent and start anew.
  3. Redemption • Our unrighteousness is made clean. That which separated us for God is consumed by Jesus’ love. We have been made new and given a new chance in Christ.
  4. Restoration • God has changed us for all eternity, not just for this life. As we start over now, His work continues forever and His promises are never broken. We have the promise of eternity. Our bodies will come and go, but our souls will live forever with Him.

Shane shared this quote from Martin Luther:

The life of Christianity consists of possessive pronouns. It is one thing to say, “Christ is a Saviour”; it is quite another thing to say, “He is my Saviour and my Lord.” The devil can say the first; the true Christian alone can say the second.

Listen to the audio of the sermon here.

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