Isaiah 6:1:8

Shane described these verses as a “great worship passage,” as Isaiah sees the heavens open up and is enveloped by the power and glory of God.

Worship is a powerful experience that is more than merely one hour on Sunday morning; it’s an encounter with the God of the Universe.

Isaiah is overwhelmed by God’s power and gets a glimpse into real worship. Shane gave three lessons we learn about worship from this passage.

Real worship fosters and upward look. Worship is the doorway that God gives us so that we may meet Him. It should be transformative and point us to Him. The first thing Isaiah did was to look up. God has given us much more than our earthly lives through Jesus; meet His presence and worship Him.

The more Isaiah looks upward, the more he realizes his unworthiness. We’re all unworthy, but God made us worthy through Jesus, who came that we would be transformed in His likeness; something far greater than the world can know on its own. As we look upward, we also look inward and are reminded that we are nothing without Him.

Isaiah hears God ask, “Whom shall I send … ” and answers, “Send me.” True worship causes us to look outward toward others. Being touched by the hand of God makes us want to go and share. Each day, 70 percent of our news stories are negative; our city and our world need Jesus. We must go outward and remind them that there is much, much more.

Watch the service.

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