Luke 22

communionThe word sacrament means “holy;” a sacrament is our opportunity to be in proximity to a holy God.

In this passage, Jesus and the disciples are observing the Passover meal, which was at the heart of their remembrance of who they were as a people of God.

There were three types of laws in Jesus’ day:

  1. Civil: to keep the peace
  2. Ceremonial rules
  3. Moral rules: how we treat one another

The laws are meant for all of us for eternity; they teach us to stay on the right path and are means by which we mark our journey to God.

There are three sacramental moments in scripture; two are ordinances, which we are to observe repeatedly. One is a sacramental expression.

  1. Baptism • To belong to God, we begin with baptism as a symbol of our belonging. Even Jesus who knew no sin came to be baptized. It’s a recalibration of our identity with God. He calls us to remember our baptism; remembering who are belong to and calling us to live as heirs.
  2. Communion • Along with our inclusion in the family of God, we become the Body of Christ as we are transformed into people who make a difference. Bread was used because it was commonly served at every meal; the cup reminds us that we are new creations in Him.
  3. Living Sacramentally • When we are changed in Christ and sent into the world to be the Church to others. We know the solution to the problems we encounter; it’s up to us to become that solution.

God’s plan is full of possibility, potential, and grandeur – follow Him as we go out into the world to become the sacramental Body of Christ.

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