Matthew 28:16 – 20

In Matthew 28, Jesus reminds the disciples that they have been called to give their lives and their futures to Him. The Great Commission is Jesus’ only teaching that is mentioned in all four Gospels. In this passages, Jesus is about to ascend to Heven and gives the Great Commission to go and make disciples.

Shane presented three elements of disciple making:

  1. We must preach the Gospel. Not necessarily as a preacher on stage, but each of us has a message in our hearts that God has called us to share. We may share it with 100, 1000 or just one. But even if it’s just one, that person will never forget. God has something He wants to pull you back from and something to propel you to that is extraordinary. The message of Jesus transcends race, denominations, mistakes, economics … transcends everything to make a difference in our world.
  2. We must be teachers. Teach by example. As St. Francis of Assissi said, “Preach the Gospel every day; if necessary, use words.”
  3. We must be healers. Situations are put into our lives so that we may bring God’s healing. Jesus healed the lepers at the city gate because He was willing and open.

We each have a message inside us that only we can proclaim; the world needs hope and others need to know they are not alone. Jesus is with us as we go in His name.

You can listen to the sermon audio here.

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