Guest post by Danny Shivers
Director of Older Elementary / School of the Rock

Our fall semester concluded Wednesday night with the School of the Rock Showcase. We had an incredible time showcasing the miracles of Christ through the children’s arts and talents. Our friend Josh Harris with Zero Deception even showed up to demonstrate the difference between a miracle and an illusion. It was great to see all the families together, singing, laughing and celebrating the miracle which is Christ our Lord. We capped off the night with a creative look at Romans 13:14, challeging our children to clothe themselves in Christ. Our awesome praise team gave us one last song with “Sing Noel.”

Registration for Spring 2015 semester will begin in December so watch for more details.

  • Here’s one hint of what is sure to be a popular class: LEGOS!
    We are in need of LEGOs (just think of the joy from not having to step on them barefooted) so if you have any to donate, please let me know!

We also love suggestions to make our program better. Feel free to drop me a line anytime or if you are wondering what it’s all about, I’d love to share the details as well.

Take care, and until we meet again, keep those creative minds clicking!   — Danny

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