Guest post by Danny Shivers, Director of Older Elementary & School of the Rock Founder

Ten semesters have flown by, and it’s still hard to believe we have had five years of incredible art displayed by our children at School of the Rock.

The program started out with the idea that children could choose an area of art they are interested in and be fully engaged in that art by an experienced professional in that field. The great thing about “cre-activities” is that they reach our children in ways the normal classroom environment does not.

Learning about Christ and the beauty of the Gospel should never be boring, but rather engaging and exciting. School of the Rock allows children from PreK all the way through fifth grade to get an exciting, engaging biblical experience, and at the same time, learn how to express themselves through their chosen art.

The experience is open to our community, and there is no fee for any of our classes. Our doors are open and welcoming, just like the arms of Christ inviting us in. We have reached more than 28 ZIP codes in the Memphis area and average 100+ students per semester.

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Our program concludes every semester with a showcase. The children display their art for family and friends, and all the various majors can see what has been happening during the semester in the other focus areas.

Classes range from more traditional art classes to

  • karate,
  • breakdancing,
  • pottery and sculpting,
  • graffiti art,
  • creative cooking,
  • LEGO animation and
  • drama, just to name a few.

I can’t express enough what a blessing it is to be part of something so much bigger than I ever would’ve imagined. I can’t wait to see where God will take us in the next 10 semesters.

>>The next semester of School the Rock starts in August. Online registration opens in late June or early July. Contact Danny Shivers if you have questions.

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