Room at the Inn - MemphisDuring these dangerously cold winter months, people without homes are forced to either find access to a shelter or remain outside on the streets at night when the temperatures plummet.

Room in the Inn – Memphis (an offshoot of the larger Room in the Inn organization that originated in Nashville) is a developing collaboration among churches in our city to open up church doors to bedapproved guests who are homeless.

Their overnight stay in a soft, warm bed also includes having dinner together, providing hygiene items, a chance to shower, and breakfast to send them off with the next morning.

One of the hallmarks of the church throughout most of its history has been hospitality—loving and welcoming those on the outside. Room in the Inn is an organized way, which has been traditionally driven by the laity, for congregations to provide a genuine welcome to our homeless neighbors that provides relief from the harsh–often deadly–winter cold.

Based on interest and involvement by several members of Christ Church, Colonial Cumberland Presbyterian Church and Germantown United Methodist Church have invited us to partner with them in Room in the Inn – Memphis. Their campuses are already set up and available to host guests an additional night of the week—it just takes participation on the part of Christ Church members to make this happen.

If you are someone you know is interested in finding out more about Christ Church’s involvement with Room in the Inn – Memphis, join us on Wednesday night, January 28 at 6:00 pm in Wilson Chapel to hear from Lisa Anderson, founder and director of Room in the Inn – Memphis, and Eb Thomas, leader of Room in the Inn at Germantown United Methodist Church.

If you plan on attending, contact Nathan Brasfield at or 261-4386.

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