Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 1.22.39 PMThe Tillman Crossing Apartments are 20 newly renovated units located at 220 Tillman and the start of the Shelby Farms Greenline trail, resolving a severe blight problem and providing high-quality, affordable housing for low and moderate-income households. The success of this $800,000 project is an example of leveraged efforts and resources from a wide partnership of multiple government agencies, churches, contractors and a non-profit neighborhood developer.

A year ago, the property was severely blighted with condemned living spaces, with owners in default and discouraging trail bikers and pedestrians from venturing into Binghampton.

Thanks to:

  • Mayor Wharton’s nuisance property lawsuit,
  • oversight and loan forgiveness from Director Lipscomb and the Memphis Housing and Community Development Division,
  • pressure from the Environmental Court’s Judge Potter,
  • substantial funding provided by the Tennessee Housing Development Agency under the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s NSP-1 funding, and
  • significant gifts from Christ United Methodist and the Binghampton area’s Christ Community Church, this renovated property will house low-income families in high-quality, energy-efficient facilities.

Please join us as Mayor Wharton, other elected officials and community partners celebrate the opening of this revitalized housing property and a symbol of hope for our community’s future.

The Tillman Crossing Apartments already has 11 families that will be future residents including four new refugee families through World Relief as well as a Shelby Greenline Ranger. At least 80 percent of units will be enjoyed by households at or below 80 percent Area Median Income. Residents are also eligible for rent rebates based on the longevity of stay, timeliness of rent payments and investment into the physical and community health of Tillman Crossing. We are praying for Tillman Crossing to be blessed and a blessing to residents and the larger Binghampton community.

Join us in celebrating the grand opening of the Tillman Crossing apartments with Mayor Wharton on April 24 at 10 am at Tillman Crossing – 220 Tillman Ave. (at the Greenline).

Guest post written by Robert Montague, Executive Director, Binghampton Development Corporation (BDC)*

*BDC ( is a faith-based, non-profit celebrating its 10th year of serving this historic neighborhood through housing counseling, job training, community building, parent education, school programming, urban food production and housing development.  The Tillman Crossing development represents the BDC’s 44th multi-family and 93rd total developed housing unit in the historic Binghampton community.

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