Christ Church has had a rich history of engaging in God’s mission throughout the world. As a church that is equipped and ready to go where we are called in service to this mission in the future, it is important for us to gather in celebration and gratitude for what has been, and to light a passionate vision for what is to come.Reunite Reignite 2015 Postcard front copy

Reunite and Reignite: Christ Church in the World offers just this opportunity. All past participants and supporters of Christ Church mission trips and those who are interested in discovering their involvement are invited to join us on Wednesday, May 6 at 6:00-8:00 pm in Seabrook Hall. 

The evening will begin with an international-themed reception with refreshments as we celebrate how God has moved through Christ Church in the world.

The evening will continue with worship, sharing and a powerful message from Dr. Alvern Vom Steeg as we look ahead to how God is calling us to join His global mission today. Dr. VomSteeg served as a missionary in Brazil, a United Methodist Pastor, the President of The Missions Society and is currently serving as Senior International Director for International Leadership Institute.

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Here are a couple of excerpts from testimonies given by Christ Church members that have been featured on the Christ Church Blog. We will hear many more stories like these at Reunite and Reignite!

praying“Can we pray for you?” we asked her. With a desperate look in her sunken eyes, she said, “Please do.” She was hungry for someone or something to lean on in her brokenness – physically and spiritually. We talked and prayed with her and this woman made a decision to follow Christ. I don’t know if she had ever heard the Gospel or the name Jesus Christ, but He revealed himself to her that day and she welcomed Him into her heart … I was a little nervous but also excited — this woman was the first person we visited.

We told her that our hope for her was that as the rice satisfies the hunger in her belly, that Jesus would satisfy the hunger in her heart.

As we prayed for her and she welcomed Christ into her heart, I could only cry. This woman was hurting — in more ways than one — but something moved her during our time with together. I felt like as if I could reach out and touch the Holy Spirit in that room, as if I could feel the weight of her sickness and pain being lifted off her bony shoulders.

That moment was life-changing for her, but also for me and I will never forget it.

SaraAnn Sanderlin in Zambia in August 2012 | Find the full post here.

“Merriam-Websters definition of “willing”:Cari Baird in China

1-Disposed or inclined; prepared

2- Acting or ready to act gladly; eagerly compliant

3-Of or relating to exercise of the will

This would not have described me 2 years ago when a friend invited me to go on a missions trip to China. I am usually willing to do whatever the Lord calls me to do, serve – volunteer – lead Bible study. But this one was a little outside my comfort zone.

7,000 miles of nothing but land, water and blue sky separating the U.S. and Beijing, 14 hours in a plane, the concept of traveling to this foreign land seemed outlandish and almost comical to me. I had every reason not to be able to go. Too much responsibility at home. 2 young kids who needed their momma. I had never traveled internationally.

But then came the other reasons that I did not necessarily want to admit. I was a little nervous about going. Did I have the capabilities needed to serve? I am not a missionary or theologian, after all.

But as time went by, the Lord began to cultivate a willingness in me. And as I continued to pray about it, he actually began to speak to our entire family about me taking the trip.

So the Lord turned my trepidation into a “maybe,” and then into a yes. He was willing to use even me to accomplish his purposes. That is all that He needs from you and me: a willing heart. As the Merriam-Webster dictionary explains, I was “acting or ready to act gladly.” I was actually “eagerly compliant” to follow Him …

Cari Baird preparing for her second trip to China in October 2013 | Find the full post here.

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