Guest post by Van Sturdivant

There are many in our church community who have participated in the Walk to Emmaus – even some who were on the original Walk. For years, that experience has been passed on to people we love as a gift of agape!

The Walk to Emmaus – The Upper Room website states:

“The Walk to Emmaus is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that begins with a three-day short course in Christianity. It is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God’s grace and love is revealed to you through other believers…Through the formational process of accountable discipleship in small groups and participation in the Emmaus community, each participant’s individual gifts and servant-leadership skills are developed for use in the local church and its mission.”

Dr. Maxie Dunnam was instrumental in starting The Walk to Emmaus. Watch Maxie share his memories in this video:

Those who have “walked” will remember how Jesus spoke individually through members of the team, the kitchen crew and the countless volunteers encountered through the weekend. Is it not time to share that experience with someone? Take the time to consider prayerfully those who would benefit from a 72-hour walk with our Lord and Savior and encourage them to experience this special time!

Luke 24:13-35 tells the story of two men going to Emmaus, a village about seven miles from Jerusalem. They are talking about all that has happened – Christ’s crucifixion and rising from the dead. My favorite verse in this story is Luke 24:32: “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us of the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

Upcoming Walks
Men’s Walk 177: Thursday, Feb. 8, returning Sunday, Feb. 11
Lay Director for the weekend: Terry Gray

Women’s Walk 178: Thursday, Feb. 22, returning Sunday, Feb. 25
Lay Director for the weekend: Mick Ann Koratsky

>>Interested in learning more about Emmaus or going on one of the upcoming Walks? Get more info and an application at (Both print and electronic applications are available, but electronic is preferred.)

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