In October 2010, CUMC packaged more than 200,000 meals through the Christ Feeds food packaging ministry. The meals were delivered to our partner, Mercy Ministries in Lusaka, Zambia, and have supplied nutritious meals to children and adults for the last two years. In a letter to CUMC this summer, Dorothy Phiri with Mercy Ministries shares exactly how these meals have impacted her community.

“…This rice has blessedmany lives and households. It is a great source of nutrition for the children who come from vulnerable homes where they have only one meal or no meal at all in a day. For most, the rice is their only meal in a day. This has resulted in improved school attendance. We are of the opinion that sending rice is better than sending the equivalent in cash as it is highly nutritious for the children as these children come from vulnerable homes where they have no meal at all in a day. It provides for them as a complete meal, and they take in vitamins with every meal. For the chronically ill, it has benefitted them so much as most of them are on therapy medication such as ART and tuberculosis drugs so they need good nutrition, but have no means to buy. Those that have benefitted have healed and improved tremendously. It is also very tasty and has been eaten by everyone. It is easy to cook, thus the school and benefited households use less firewood to prepare it therefore saving firewood. It is the children’s favorite, and they can’t afford to miss school. Attendance is good cause it may be the only meal for the day for most of them. The remaining rice will take us up to January 2013 if the Lord permits. “

Plan to be a part of the next Christ Feeds packaging event on Nov. 3, 2012, to prepare more meals to send to Zambia. Our goal is 285,120 meals or an entire container of food. Individuals and groups ages 5-95 can participate in two-hour shifts. More than 800 volunteers are needed to meet our goal. There is no participation fee, but ALL donations are welcome as they will help cover the actual cost of the food. You can also donate a box of food ($54 which is 216 meals) in someone’s honor or memory. Register and/or donate now. Contact Shirley Sankey with any questions.

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